Option to filter ads by price being paid

A setting I would like to see on future version of Brave is a price filter on ads. I currently see ads that pay as little as 0.0002 BAT per add.

I personally think this is a waste of my time. I would like to have a filter were I can set it to filter out all adds that pay less than x.xx BAT.

I fear that Brave will become a cesspool for advertisers who want to have their ads shown to millions and yet pay a pittance for getting our attention.

So give us, the users, the option to decide at what point we would consider viewing an ad worth our time and attention.

Seconded. Also, consider the wild fluctuation of crypto tokens (including BAT) it would be better if the rewards are adjusted on a faster timeframe. Right now, it seems it’s mostly monthly.

Another option would be the ability to have monthly polls to ask users what should be the minimum ad value. Such a community driver system would be the ideal meeting point between demand and offer

come on, this doesn’t make sense! It is a simple equation! You can not have that variation of reward and that above it does not accompany the price of BAT! Create a Token and can not automate a reward to be fairly similar in dollars every month?

I think you miss the point. At present there’s not that many ads being displayed. In time this will however change, hopefully. I think we will eventually reach the point where you will be able to view hundreds of ads each day.

The question then is, do you want to spend the whole day sitting looking at ads that pay you less than a cent to view them or would you rather reserve your time and only view those ads who are willing to pay you more for your time and effort to view their ads?

If you had a setting to only show you the top paying ads it ensures that you do not waste your time with those ads paying you a pittance and it will also force the owners of those ads to pay more if they want to reach you.

If you are happy wasting hours each day viewing ads that pay you less than a cent then so be it, I am not. I would prefer to rather not see these ads at all.

I think that it cannot vary from 0.005 BAT to 0.001 when the variation of the BAT was not 500%. If the BAT increases by 30%, the reward should go down by 30%. That way you will always get the same amount of USD. At this moment the best value of the BAT is 0.9, since in this way they give you 0.01 BAT and the productivity for advertising increases.