Option to bring back old UI design for iOS

Requested feature:
An option to revert to old UI design prior to version 1.61. Should be a toggle equivalent to the flag #brave-horizontal-tabs-update on Brave for PC.

Why this is important:
As an iPhone 13 mini owner, I liked Brave for its once slim and compact UI compared to Safari, which gives me more screen for the content.

The updated design in version 1.61 introduced significantly wider address bar and button paddings. This has a significant impact on my browsing experience, especially on devices with a smaller screen. In particular, the UI is now wider than Safari by default, and I could no longer see the full web address, unlike before version 1.61.

By giving users an option to revert back the UI, they can continue to either appreciate the current UI, or to opt for compact design that gives more space for the webpage. This option should be analogous to the flag #brave-horizontal-tabs-update on Brave for PC, which I can freely toggle on or off.