Allow brave users to be able to revert ui's to a 'older' version

Are you about to suggest we add something or alter something to Brave? Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered. You’re much more likely to get feedback from the team this way.
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Feature: allows brave user to manually or automatically to select the UI that they find good to use. Like: a new ui update comes out, user doesn’t like the new ui: the user can change it to the older ui.

It should be seriously considered because some new updates are bothering me quite alot. Like the new tab ui:

The new UI that I don’t like:

A layout that you can possibly do this:

•New Tab Ui Layout - title
° Automatically adjust to the new UI - option
° Version . . . Ui - option
° Version . . . Ui - option
Version… etc

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