Sponsored images on/off should follow Rewards settings

I installed this browser in my parents, brother and sister and other family computers. In my friends computers and coworkers. When promoting brave, I talked about performance, native adblocker, fingerprint protection, how the browser respects the user, etc etc.

Some of them joined BAT and opted to see ads. Others didn’t. And that’s fine.

Now, how to explain to these users that just want a clean and private browser, are watching eToro (and friends) full-page ads in their computers?

This is way more intrusive than the acceptable ads policy that Brave defends in its FAQ:

Will Brave use the “Acceptable Ads” model?
Some have asked that when we do eventually allow select ads through, whether we will employ the “Acceptable Ads” model. There are two parts to that model, filter rules and business deals. Take the second first:
We do not use the business model of taking annual fees from advertisers to allow their ads (and trackers for confirmation) to pass unblocked. Our business model does not couple our ad and flat fee based revenue to which ads we block.
We do use some of the filter rules that are associated with “Acceptable Ads” to block known-bad domains and URL patterns; and to block and clean up after HTML-native ads.

My point is:

  • Leave sponsored images off for users that din’t joined rewards.
  • Turn it a option (and default on) for users who did.

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