Optimized version for Apple Silicon

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Apple has released their first Silicon Macs. All future Apple computers from here on out will run on Apple Silicon, so it’s crucial that Brave be optimized to run on these chips. Safari already is, of course. But Google Chrome released a new version yesterday that is optimized for the M1 chip, and the Firefox nightly build already is as well. Please release a version of Brave that is optimized for Apple Silicon too!


+1 on this one!
Safari is astonishingly fast on an M1 Mac and Brave is… sloow. Like, really slow. It reminds me of the benchs between Firefox and Chrome when Chrome was released 10 years ago.

I hoped we had an update at this point…

+1. Safari’s speed on M1 is incredible, and Brave is now on par with Chrome (which is Universal).

Duplicate Brave on Apple silicon