Open Tabs in Background?

Does Apple have a problem with allowing pages to open in the background? I haven’t seen a browser on iOS with the ability to do so.

When clicking a link on some websites, you are forced to another page (ads or something else) in the background with content you did not want. The link I wanted opened shows up on the same page the link was on. On desktop browsers, “open new tabs in background” is pretty standard. It would be great to put pages you don’t want automatically in the background. Pages you do want to save for later could be sent there, as well.

@Farook Are you using the most recent browser? Because the current one actually does open in the background and it only switches if you tell it to. For example, on this page upon reading what you said I wanna head and held down on a link and told it open and a new tab. Then as you can see in the screenshot below it presented me the opportunity to switch to that tab or I just ignored that night stay where I was at and it opened in the background.

And this is on my iPhone 13 Pro Max using the most recent version of Brave and on my iPhone I’m using the most recent OS update which is 15.3

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You’ll see the New Tab opened notification and the option to “switch now” on the bottom.

Is this what you’re talking about are you referencing something else?

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Thank you for your help. Your suggestion does help me skip redirects to third-party pages. I only wonder why there’s no ability to have new tabs open in the background automatically when clicking on the regular link on the page I’m on. Might just be the type of websites I’m on. Perhaps there’s no way to prevent the tap of link on my foreground page from taking me to the background page that usually with a domain that has an .xyz suffix.

Anyway, your method does help. Again, thank you.