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hey there, in previous versions of brave it was possible to set a default website for the “new tab page”. I have configured this to be my number one news site and I would really like to do this now again. So just to be clear: I want to open a single specific site every time I open a new tab.

Is this somehow possible?
Cheers, Daniel


Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page

We’re working on building in that functionality natively right now.
However, in the meantime, there are many extensions you can install that will allow you to change the new tab to a new page or change the new tab page itself to whatever you want.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.



Thank you. That sounds awesome and I can’t wait. I’ve tried and search for many different extension but couldn’t find a single one that would actually display a website and not some other stuff like beautiful picture, kittens, calenders etc. Could you point me to one?



I think this one should do what you’re looking for.


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