"Open all Websites in Desktop view" Option

Most of the time, when loading a website in normal android view, it has biases that don’t exist on it’s Desktop website. But it gets annoying having to change all the website’s view to desktop repetitively. So it would be nice if there was an option for Brave to force all websites to load their desktop view, and then I can choose what websites I DON’T want to be opened in desktop view.

A good example of the biases I’m talking about is if you were to open the Android website of Instagram and view a random profile without signing in. Instagram will force you to download and install their app. When on Desktop, they just nag you to sign in, but it’s optional and you can just close the prompt.

Another thing is, what if I don’t want to use an app for view 1 service? It’s extremely eaay to track users on Android. Every Android phone has an Android ID, IMEI, ect. That can not be change and doesn’t change even when you factory reset. I don’t want that being link to any of the services I use. So if Brave were to add this option, they would help to fulfill their goal of Privacy and Anonymity.

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