Mobile and Desktop Feature Parity Resolution and Documentation

I know that there are currently some disparities between behavior in browser vs. Brave Android. However, I’m not sure exactly what they are, as I have been unable to find any documentation on the matter. Further, I have noticed several disparities which I argue should be prioritized for resolution. As such, I would like to make the following suggestions:

  1. There should be some type of easily accessible comprehensive documentation on the disparities between the newest version of desktop and mobile (or desktop vs. Android vs. iPhone, etc. if there are differences there as well) Brave. If this documentation exists, I’d like to note that I have had absolutely no luck finding it, and suggest it should be linked more prominently on the download page and in the knowledge base. This knowledge would help me make decisions about whether to load a site on my phone when I know that its trackers are adequately blocked on desktop but have no idea if they are on mobile.
  2. To the above point, I request a way to view the list of trackers/scripts/etc. blocked on my mobile browser, as with desktop. It’s fairly common that I will see a different number of trackers reported as blocked on my browser vs. my phone, and will have precisely no idea which ones my phone intercepted and if I was left exposed in any fashion.
  3. Android Brave should filter out HTTP(S) referer, which it does not seem to do currently. (To test this, I searched “whatsmyreferer” on both desktop and Android and used the whatsmyreferer site that showed in the results. Desktop gave me no referer; Android gave me

Thank you for all your hard work on making an excellent, privacy focused browser! I’ve really come to rely on this browser in my increasing quest for privacy.