Only partial rewards payout. Missing most of earned reward

I only received 9.6 BAT, while I had earned (and normally earn each month) in the 30s-40s for the month of Nov.

I am on macos, with verified uphold account.

Nov. Payout is not complete for me, assistance appreciated. Thank you.

Your best bet will be to submit a Rewards Support Ticket so someone from Brave can investigate. I know the help articles bring you here, but it’s to serve as a “first layer of defense” and to try to get a lot of basic issues resolved. When it comes to payments, they often will need information like your Wallet Payment ID and all, which ideally you should try not to share openly.

Once you create that support ticket, you should receive an almost instant confirmation email with a ticket number. Hold onto that in case you need to refer back to it later. From that point on, Brave will primarily contact you through email. So keep an eye out on your inbox as well as you Junk/Spam folders in case it gets stuck there.


Often it can take up to 3-5 business days to get a response. With the holidays just a couple days away, it may be possible for there to be some minor delays. Hopefully they’ll be quick, but just wanted to give you that heads up in case that extra bit of patience is needed. They will try to get to you ASAP though.

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