Only getting half of my earnings

I had estimated earnings for around 7-8 bats . And as of today which is 1st of Nov here , half of my earnings are still in estimated earnings and only half was sent for processing. I want to know why …
And before giving that excuse of “cash in” or it will be Given to you next month . Why not just give them straight to the month they belong to and describe clearly what cash in means. What magic will happen the next month . And what i have seen mostly we don’t ever get these bats .

Is it like a flaw in the system ? Why aren’t we getting what we earned?

@Kay146 because not every ad gets reconciled. They could just choose not to show us our estimated earnings and instead just show the number of ads and disclose what we’re getting paid at the end. But instead they are transparent enough to show an estimated range of what we should get and if anything happens where it’s not all reconciled on the server side, to at least still show us that it’s there.

We all get what we earned. It’s not like Brave is suddenly having it vanish and telling you that it’s not getting paid.

So you are answering how it can get worse to a question that why it is not working correctly. Whats the point of these complaints if answers would be like imagine getting it more worse so be happy in what it is .

And what’s the point of showing that estimated earnings when we aren’t even getting the lower limit of that . 10-20% remaining is understandable but these are 50% remaining​:face_with_head_bandage::face_with_head_bandage:

And the reconciliation part proves my point that in some way or the other there are flaws.
I’ll tell you i’ll get these remaining bats in the next month . That will also show some facts

@Kay146 I guess I’ve gotten to the point over the years that I’ve learned the “why” doesn’t matter. I mean, would it make any difference to you if they said:

Oh, the money from the advertiser didn't come in yet and that's why.


One of our servers crashed, so there's a delay


Saoiray hit the wrong button and screwed things up this month.

I mean, no matter what they say, it’s not going to change the fact that you had balances roll forward and that it may not be appearing in this payout.

Especially when the payments haven’t even started. Sometimes there are delays and it still zeroes out in time. It’s still indeed October 31 here in the United States. Payments don’t officially begin until November 7, though sometimes it begins to process and payout sooner.

What matters and being addressed is that your “money,” the BAT, is being accounted for and you’ll receive it. Something occurred where it didn’t reconcile in time. Does any further detail change anything beyond “scratching an itch” of knowing more details?

Yeahhh the reasons matter because if it is one time , it is acceptable and doesn’t matter much . But i am saying that i have seen this manier times in the past also . So its like a permanent thing in the system which is not getting fixed

The only moto behind these complaints of people is to tell the team the flaws they experience so that they can get a solution and the browser becomes much better than before.
So for this why doesn’t matter . What does matter is that will these issues get fixed in the future and things will get smooth

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