Where is option to "close browser closing all tabs" (Solution: Settings -> Brave shields & privacy)

I am on Android. Have all 3 browsers installed (Release, Beta and Nightly). All latest as of May 26, 2021.

I used to see the option “close browser close all tabs” option under settings - privacy.

But I do not see that option now in settings. Is that moved somewhere else? Am I missing something?



Hi there @nellaiseemai,

On your phone, you can find that if you go into tabsthree dotsclose all groups
If you aren’t sure, feel free to share screenshots so I can help you further.

Salty :banana:

Thanks for immediate reply @SaltyBanana.

I am looking for something else.
I was looking for the option to automatically close all the tabs when closing the browser.

Lets say I have 10 tabs open. I do not need to close them by any means. If I close the browser and reopen later all tabs will be closed and I start with an empty browser window.

This was listed under settings-Privacy earlier. I had this option set up in my brave.

I am looking for ways to disable it now. But now I do not see that option in settings. I am guessing it is moved somewhere within but I couldn’t figure it out where.

@Mattches can you help to figure out what I am missing?


Hey nellaiseemai,

I believe the function you’re looking for is this one?


I see this on Brave release version 1.24.86. I have been using this from the beginning for a long time now.

But this setting is not available on Brave Beta and Brave Nightly anymore.
I have these versions on Android.
Brave beta 1.26.43
Brave Nightly 1.27.24

Looks like the settings is changes all together. There is no section called “Privacy and Security” in beta and nightly.

Note: I have selected the option “Close tabs on exit” when it was available on beta and nightly. But now to disable I can’t do that as it is not available. But I can uninstall and reinstall to go to default settings. But I just wanted to figure out where that settings is.


It’s moved to “Brave shields & privacy” section. @nellaiseemai

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Thanks a lot.


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