Oldie but Goodie - Where Is Browsing History Stored? - ELABORATION

This answer elaborates on a shorter answer to the question: In Brave Browser, where is browser history stored? I could find no documentation on this, even though such documentation is easy to find for people whose brain damage is unlike my own.

I have seen several questions but not the answer I am hoping to find, regarding where browsing history is stored in Brave Brawser. Actually, the only answer I found was a statement that it is not necessary to know where the browsing history is stored.

Upon further review, that answer is close enough to a fail to earn a “HORRIBLE ANSWER” tag.

Here is a graphic representation of the analysis constituting the further review I have completed.

For no reason in particlar, I put together this sketch of a dream I had for how browser history could someday, depending on whether the basic technology ever is created, showing how browser history cannot be ruled out of potentially being stored as records in a futuristic/theoretical form of AI, called “Relational Database.”

I must have drank too much Garlic Soda last night, because my dream failed to stop there. In spite of my most diligent effort to stop myself, I could not keep myself from imagining a table for storing browser visit records.


Upon another round of additional further review, I searched in the Brave Browser Library folder for “History.” and found a file callled History. And what do you know, the file says it is a sql lite file. So I tried opening it with my sql lite utility

The reason, it says, it is not necessary to know where browsing history is stored is we can just Show Full History (under the History menu item), the use CTRL-F to find what we might be looking for. The reason that is a terrible answer is that utility does not filter history, showing only those history items matching the search. Instead, it highlights each match of the search term without excluding entries that do not match.

You had me at garlic soda! OMG, where can I get some? I’m not in Japan.

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