Old PSA, what to do if no payment yet

i’ve sent a message to Steeve e didn’t received answer =(

You have understood correctly my attitude towards your style. You don’t need to be so touchy, I asked for help, I wrote it before and I was just passed on with canned answers. If I opened an account on February 14, how can I get a reward in January? I opened my account on 11 or 12 december and got paid in january to my verified uphold wallet. When you’re touchy, you need to respond immediately, but keep an ear to those who ask for help, and correct your own attitude first. fix your systems .web 3 has a long way to go or you may not have understood it correctly . soundly

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Because your Brave Community account is different than just having the browser and being opted into Brave Rewards. What I referenced here is that your Brave Community account was new and you hadn’t posted anywhere.

Where? How? Your comment here was literally your first comment/post on Brave Community. Unless you’re someone who has created multiple accounts here after getting themselves banned or something?

Also, canned answers sometimes are pretty important. If the canned answer to “how do I turn on the light?” is “flip the light switch by the door” then nothing is wrong about that at all. Or if a person asks how to fix their car and the canned response is, “take it to a mechanic to get it fixed” then it seems pretty legit. I mean, bringing that car to a vet and asking them to fix it wouldn’t do you much good now, would it? So canned responses often are there because you’re asking or saying something that many people have asked before and it’s necessary to direct you to the proper resources that have been shared.

No attitude, if you’re seeing that then I’d look internally. I’m autistic and all, which means I speak directly. I see a question or issue, to which I immediately respond. I’m not filtering things out or worrying about being politically correct. People come for help and I provide it as best I can, admitting when I am unable to offer assistance or am lacking in knowledge.

You referring to Brave? Keep in mind I’m a user, not a staff member. My only affiliation with Brave is that I also have the browser installed on my devices. As to Community Ninja, I have that title because I’ve been friendly and dedicated a LOT of my personal time to help people resolve issues. Community Ninja is given to those who are recognized by Brave for their support and time.

Again, what are you talking about? Literally, your only comment/post before this one is where you said the below quote:

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And again to show, only 2 posts, which were your replies here. As for Topics, you’ve not created your own to ask for help. Also never commented anywhere else here.

it is very interesting to read and read these detailed and profound explanations on extremely simple topics…unfortunately there are people who are only looking for simple and very direct answers to their problem. They don’t want to spend time reading (here and on reddit) what they are kindly explaining over and over again. They don’t realize that if they read well, they would learn about some other things… :money_mouth_face:


Well, this post will remain for any who want to contribute or ask questions. That said, I tried to do a better FAQ type of thing which does cover some things discussed here. Just tried to do it in a more organized way.

Can check it at PSA- FAQ and other help!


I hope Brave team enables tipping on this community forum. Saoiray would be the first one I would tip.


Their DMs are overblown, lots of people, probably more than last month haven’t got paid yet, so imagine how many DMs and repeated DMs they have gotten, unfortunately, I think we won’t get paid by the end of the month, but I think the transactions will proceed accordingly for us.


So maybe they just can’t pay the bats anymore because of the crypt crash? Many dms = many unpaid users.

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Curious, are you using the same verified wallet for all three devices @carlish ?

Yes exactly! Tipping @Saoiray for his excellent posts :slight_smile:

Yes I do
And on january I got the rewards for all three same devices

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I’m still waiting for January payment still. My info was delivered 8 days ago according to my post here. What’s the solution others have found?

@jdrone411 There’s a lot being done. One thing to reference you to in knowing about action being taken would be below:

But if it’s been 8 days and you haven’t heard from them, it never hurts to tag @Mattches and @steeven . I do know they have had a high volume of messages and issues, especially with users from Russia and Ukraine writing in and complaining about Uphold and Gemini not being able to service them at this time. Even though that has nothing to do with Brave, it’s been a LOT of people complaining to Brave. sigh


Already did message both of em ( @Mattches and @steeven ) with the required data a week ago I think but still waiting. Thank you

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Hi @jdrone411, please see my reply.

i didn’t received nd i wonder why some uphold account doesn’t receive payment? even though they are legit, CDD ok status (i speak for myself)

I go for 3 weeks and I still do not receive any response. How long is the wait ?

You messaged @steeven or @Mattches advising them you had not received payment and then provided them your Wallet Info as they often request? All of it in a DM and not a forum post? If so, then I’d say tagging like here is good to follow up. Overall I tell people try to wait 7-10 days after sending a message to then message them again to ask if any updates, as it’s a good reminder. Just do it in a friendly way and be patient they do.

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Waiting for your reply

Thank you