NOTICE: New Regions available for Gemini (Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore)

Hello Brave Community,

We are pleased to announce the following regions are now available for connecting a Gemni account to Brave Rewards:

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

A full list of eligible regions and custodial partners can be found here: 11

Thank you!

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Can you please explain and define “region”?

If I have Gemini account in one of the countries mentioned, can I connect it without any problems or not if for example my current location, ip address is different?

Your region is determined by the ID documents you used to during ID-verification/KYC with the provider (in this case, Gemini). So, if you used a Canadian passport with Gemini, then your Gemini account is considered Canadian.

So if Argentinian citizen is a resident in the UK and they opened their account in the UK they still won’t be able to connect because their “region” is not supported?

At the moment, in most cases, they probably won’t be able to.

So, you shouldn’t call it a region. You should call it a nationality. Otherwise you are confusing everyone.