Why my YouTube channel is not able to verified?

As I have add my YouTube channel in brave creators and also my YouTube channel is having a video still I didn’t get the brave verified publisher tag.please fix it.

@Jigen_contractor once you finish adding your channel and you can see it listed on your publisher account, then it’s verified.

Your Brave require 24-48 hours to sync with the latest publishers list.

If still not shown verified, you can try to force update the list. See screenshot. Make sure you’re using the latest version of Brave on desktop (0.64.x).


I am also having the same problem but using a free sling tv login account fixed it… Thanks for posting

But mam I am using on my Android device so how can I fix it. And also in my brave rewards it’s showing Ads coming soon and I am using brave browser on my Android device from last 10 days. Help me out.

:point_up: This one. You may need to wait for ±48 hours.

from https://brave.com/brave-ads-launch/

"Brave Ads are launching today in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. More geographies will be available soon. Brave Ads will be integrated in Brave’s Android and iOS apps in the coming months. "


The “Verify again” button works for me. Thanks.

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