Not supported country? 🤔

Hello Brave admins @steeven @social

We attempted to connect our account to Brave as a publisher and we’re told that we are in a “unsupported country”.

We are located in Gibraltar which is part of the United Kingdom and it seems very strange that United Kingdom is supported but Gibraltar is not according to your FAQ page here:

  1. Andorra
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Bahamas
  6. Belgium
  7. Belize
  8. Brazil
  9. Canada
  10. Cayman Islands
  11. Chile
  12. Colombia
  13. Costa Rica
  14. Cyprus
  15. Denmark
  16. Ecuador
  17. Finland
  18. France
  19. Grenada
  20. Guatemala
  21. Honduras
  22. Hong Kong
  23. Iceland
  24. Ireland
  25. Italy
  26. Jamaica
  27. Liechtenstein
  28. Luxembourg
  29. Malta
  30. Mexico
  31. Monaco
  32. New Zealand
  33. Nicaragua
  34. Norway
  35. Paraguay
  36. Peru
  37. Poland
  38. Portugal
  39. Singapore
  40. Spain
  41. Sweden
  42. Switzerland
  43. Turkey
    44. United Kingdom
  44. United States (excluding New York state)
  45. Uruguay

Not supporting Gibraltar doesn’t make any sense at all. Gibraltar is a fully owned and control territory of the United Kingdom and a part of it:

and its really annoying because this obviously blocks us from getting potential revenue from your ads program.

Not to mention the time we spent setting up and to get the “Unsupported country” error notification afterwards. We basically wasted a lot of time on this :rage: (Remember you need to be cleared by Uphold compliance also).

It would had saved us too time if there had a been a warning about this in the start of the setup process.

However now that it has been said and done; please consider to add Gibraltar to the list. If Gibraltar is unsupported then the whole United Kingdom should also be unsupported and vice versa because not allowing a part of the country does not make any logical sense.

Kind regards

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Just as you showed in your Wikipedia link, it’s a territory and not part of the country. Just like Puerto Rico is treated differently than United States.

I’ll refer you to another article from Wikipedia, with a focus on the portion below:

Gibraltar is not part of the UK , but unlike all other British Overseas Territories it was a part of the European Union along with the UK. It participated in the Brexit referendum and it ceased, by default, to be a part of the EU upon the UK’s withdrawal.

Or otherwise statements like:

  • Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory which means it is under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom but is not technically a part of it. (There are 14 British Overseas Territories in the world including Bermuda and the Falkland Islands.)


Over the years, the United Nations has established a doctrine on the colonial status of Gibraltar. According to this doctrine, Gibraltar is today a non-self-governing territory pending decolonization. As such, it is not part of the territory of the United Kingdom,

You’re right @Saoiray, like Cayman Gib is a territory and not part of the UK. My
employer’s head office is in Gib, and the FATF, AML/KYC and TIEA status and obligations are similar to Cayman. Difference is Cayman is supported and Gib isn’t - very strange.

They just finally added Cayman Islands back not long ago. Verifying with Uphold re-enabled for Brazil, Turkey and Cayman Islands

I’m sure Gibraltar will be as well, eventually. I’ve been kind of amazed at how long things have been taking for them to get places added again.

Yes, I think I mentioned that on the other thread. Brave has a base in Cayman, and likely local legal counsel on hand since before they set up, which might explain the quicker turnaround for us (speculating).

I understand what they’re trying to achieve here, its just a bit late in the day to be implementing it and I’m not a fan of the way they’re going about it in terms of logistics and user experience.

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