Not Supported Country

Hello everyone.
Just a quick question if you don’t mind.
Does anyone knows when will Brave support all countries?
I’m living in a NOT supported country and I’m getting BAT but I can’t verify the wallet because my country isn’t supported…
Can anyone help please?
Thank you in advance.

Please note that this is not a Brave decision, but rather a choice of our custodial providers (Uphold/Gemini). Brave does not control which regions are supported for custodial verification.

Oh I see…
Does My BATS keep stacking even though I don’t have a verified wallet? I mean like Getting Stored Bats until My country is supported and I can create a wallet? Or does it disappear If I don’t have a wallet?

If you do not have a verified wallet, BAT will still accumulate in your local browser wallet.

Thank you so much. :hearts: :hearts:

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You’re very welcome.