Not rewarded the full amount

I have earned around 200 dollars or somewhat close to it but I got around a dollar. This is very incorrect

Same here, Ive only received 4.95 BAT.

Sir everybody knows that and I got way over 100 dollars before the end of the month. You won’t be saying I got all 275 dollars between 8 days :joy::joy:

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This is your brave browser reward. Payout is still in progress. If payout show done then it is different problem.

Sir but none of what you said is helpful I already know. I am just asking why they are splitting it up.

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Hello @translatoragency @decades85 ,
Thanks for reaching out. So the payout is happens in a few transactions:

  • for each channel/s
  • for referral


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So the transaction is not done yet?

I believe yes it’s not done yet. It may took extra times because the number of creators is growing.

Hi last month i receive payout before the exact date then now its already 9th of the month and im still got nothing?

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