I'm not getting rewards for sponsored images for 2 days now

I’m not getting bat for sponsored images,it’s been 2 days now and I’ve been on the page where they show the add schedule for my region and I’ve waited for two days and when I get the images my bat doesn’t update.

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Same happened to me as usual :pensive:

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I have gotten .003 BAT for sponsored images that too for 2 images. Usually i never get BAT for them… :frowning:

How do we tag admin to get it fixed

@Mattches I haven’t received my bat rewards for viewing sponsored images for two days now,both on PC and on mobile,I checked the region schedule and I should be paid,but when I view sponsored ads it doesn’t update,these are the bitpay sponsored images so far,further more,I’ve been recieving normal notification ads on my phone as usual and the value of my bat goes up bat my USD stay the same,it’s been quite frustrating as this has happened for two days in a row now,I spend my time on the brave browser whether on PC or mobile and I don’t get rewarded for my time for the sponsored image.

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