Not receiving rewards since a couple of months

I am a fan a big supporter of brave. Thanks for the great job and your Mission.

I have brave on desktop and mobile. On mobile device I receive the amount of ads that I defined in the options.

But my rewards are stuck k since a long time. See some examples below.

Thanks for helping me resolve this.

Brave is installed in version 1.9.8 on Android 9

Can you elaborate more?

My case is that my rewards 20.1 Bats disappeared. Those were not deposited in my Uphold account. Where did those Bats go??

Hello, yes. I am looking at a lot of ads, but the rewards counter is not growing. It is stuck at 27,2
At some point I tipped a creater 5 BAT. So it went down to 22.7. And now it is there since months.
And each time I open Brave on Adnroid, There is an error

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