Not receiving my BAT tokens since 2 months

I received the bats in september but both october and november bats were not assigned to me.
the account statements for October, November and December are zero

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@Geoberny Sorry to hear have been having issues. There’s very little direct support that can be offered to handle payment related issues here on Community. The best way to have this resolved will be to complete a Rewards Support Ticket, at which point Support will be able to better assist.

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After having seen your screenshots, I have checked my Brave Brower’s records for the past months. They show for all months 0.000 BAT 0.00 USD. However, I have received my BAT to my third party wallet.

Your first screenshot says that you have 23,250 BAT. Did you earn it only in September 2022? Because the green rectangle actually says “congratulations, you received your November rewards” (roughly translated).

How long have you been using Brave Browser?

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