Not receiving anymore ads beyond homepage

My desktop has stopped receiving any additional ads since 3/11.
I do have the occasional ad from the homepage, however anytime I view it, my BAT token rewards total remains the same. It remains at 5.295 BAT regardless of what I do.


I have turned off focus assist.


I have made sure that Brave notifications are turned on.


I have also deleted my history and cache and temp files…unsure if that was of any impact.

Are there any other avenues to fix the issue?

There may not be any issue to resolve here. As stated in our Ads FAQ:

Even with the little amount of ads that I am getting…anytime I view them, they do not accumulate any BAT tokens. Is this also part of the feature?

The ads in sponsored images are capped to 4/hour. If you see more than 4 an hour, you wont accumulate additional BAT. If you’re not getting the 0.01 BAT for 4 ads per hour, then you have an issue worth reporting to support.

Then I would say I have an issue, based off what you say.
I haven’t gotten anything past 5.295 for the past 5 days.
The only ads I have received, are the sponsored ads and they are of a different variety but no BAT

I am having the exact same issue. I have 2 Computers (Win10) that both stopped receiving ads on the 11th. I also don’t accumulate BAT when I view the sponsored images. It is working fine on my Android however.

Something similar has happened to me for 2 days I see the sponsored images but the bats are not accredited I understand that they leave 5 per hour but I do not have the browser updated to the latest version (Version 1.21.77 Chromium: 89.0. 4389.90) until two days ago Everything worked perfect nor do I receive notification notifications I have win7 and I force the notifications so I discard that it is that I tried to use the browser on my mobile as a new user and if it works perfect but on the pc that is where I use it the most, I do not understand that the Notification The number of ads depends on the advertisers and the region where I am (Venezuela) but the strange thing is that the sponsored images do not credit me either. Do I need something to do?

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