Not received my brave rewards coins in zebpay

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Not received my brave rewards coins in zebpay

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@Sanjay007 if you check, it shows payouts are still ongoing.

Shouldn’t be posting here to say you haven’t received anything until after it shows that payments are complete. So keep an eye out on the topic below.

If/when it says payments are complete for ZebPay and you haven’t received payment, then you’ll need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at if you need assistance. At that point, someone from Brave would review your account.

Not received my brave rewards coins in zebpay please help

Not received my brave rewards coins in zebpay please help

@Sanjay007 per instructions I gave you, only thing you can do is create a Rewards Support Ticket at and then wait for them to get back to you.

@Saoiray I have opened a ticket please reply

Two things.

  1. It takes Support at least 3-5 business days to respond usually, give or take a few days. It is Friday night, which means at least the next two days they won’t even be working. So you’ll need to be a bit patient.

  2. Don’t forget I’m just a normal user who spends time helping here. What that means is I can’t access anything on Brave’s end to investigate tickets or anything. I just steer people in the right direction so tickets can be created and things in line so Brave Support agents can help.

Is there a Brave support team member I can chat with directly?

When you do the ticket, they’ll eventually write back to you on the email you provided. Some people from Brave also reply here, but all they’d do is tell you to do the ticket and would help you there.

And as I just told you before you replied, they only work on the weekdays. They don’t work weekends or on American holidays. So you’ll need to be patient if you want help.

If you’re asking about live chat, phone numbers, or anything like that…they don’t exist for Brave.

Most probably your account has been flagged

@Ryan7 What else is that?

Still not recieved brave rewards in my zebpay wallet

Can I use these three Brave, Brave-Beta and Brave-Nightly browsers in my same mobile to get brave reward?? In which I have only one zebpay account connected to my account???

@Sanjay007 yes, but maybe not in the way you’re thinking. If you or anyone else is thinking of installing all versions of the browser to game the system and earn more BAT, this would be a bad way of thinking. To be honest, I’ve actually seen a decrease in my BAT earnings since I installed Nightly. The notification ads only will appear and count for just one of the browsers, it won’t duplicate on Nightly and Release. And you still will have the ad limitations, so you’re not going to be seeing more ads either.

You may have more potential for NTP ads, but also higher chance of getting flagged depending on what you do with it. Remember, Rewards is for casual use. The average person isn’t going to have several versions of the same browser going and active. So doing this just kind of makes it seem you’d definitely trying to game the system.

But simple answer is you can do it. And as long as you’re not doing it with just Rewards earnings in mind, it should be fine. Just don’t try to maximize earnings and abuse it is all.

@Saoiray March brave reward points not yet received in zebpay account

I know. You see the big banner on this website that shows it’s not done yet, right? It’s to the usual topic that tracks it, Ads Payout Status Update

As I’ve been answering lots of people, the timing of payouts can vary. It only begins around the 7th of each month. It can take up to a couple weeks. The longest I’ve seen it take for payouts to complete was just a little over 3 weeks. Just have to be patient until it shows complete.

@Saoiray What could be the reason why payment has not been received yet?

No clue, to be honest. Not sure what happened or whose fault, if anyone is to blame. Just know originally they were trying to figure it the issue and recently stated they have determined problem and are working to fix it.

It’s next to impossible to ever get Brave to share specific details when issues occur. Best we can ever get is them acknowledging issues and at least advising they are working on it.

My assumption is should be done within the week, but we will have to see.

@Sanjay007 hey, did you ever get your payment? If not, did you make sure to create a Rewards Support Ticket at ? If not, did you ever hear back on the ticket you said you submitted?

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@Saoiray ao not receive brave rewards coins in my zebpay wallet