What version is Beta?

I am running Windows 10 64 bit. I have Brave Beta 1.43.79 installed. I keep running into sites that say a new version of Brave has been installed with a higher release than what I have. (1.43.89). I can’t find an official site that tells me what the version of beta is the official version. I have downloaded the beta from the Brave Beta site and re-installed only to find that my version stays the same. When I attempt to update using the features in Brave I am informed there is no update. Where can I find information that tells me what the official version of Beta is? I know it’s a dumb question but I can’t find it no matter how many searchers I do. Thank you.

My Beta version is also 1.43.79. According to the release schedule found at https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/wiki/Brave-Release-Schedule, Beta should be at 1.44.x with a 08/23/2022 release date. Also, if I am reading this correctly, this page shows the latest release versions for the various platforms: https://brave-browser-downloads.s3.brave.com/ (I’m calling this the “downloads page”).

The tables for Release (1.43.x) and Nightly (1.45.x) versions correspond to the release number displayed at brave://settings/help. However, the Beta table indicates the newest version should be 1.44.x and released 08/23/2022. I do not know why there is a discrepancy. The Dev version on the downloads page is at 1.44.x but according to the table the versions should match. It is all very confusing.

I too think trying to find the latest version of each release difficult and think there should be an easier method. The pages with information are not intuitive for an end-user. Also, release notes for the various versions would be beneficial. Having to dig through issue reports on Brave GitHub to (maybe) find information about a bug fix or a feature release is tedious and difficult, for me anyway.

Pinning a topic with current release and links to release notes on Brave GitHub in the Help Center and Resource/Release Notes category of the Community would seem to be an easy method to get this information out and would not require a lot of maintenance. I don’t think so anyway but since I am just an end-user, maybe there are issues with this. I do not know why this task is so difficult. Could even create a Brave GitHub wiki page with the by platform information linked above (and release note links) that is targeted to the end user.

I don’t think your question is dumb at all. We are definitely in the same boat. There may be something at Brave GitHub but I haven’t been able to “figure it out”. IMO, it shouldn’t be difficult for an end-user to find and verify this information, especially in DYO troubleshooting scenarios.

Hopefully, if the information is out there, someone will post links to the relevant documentation. That would be nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

Snip of download page information:

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Thanks! I don’t understand why it’s difficult to display version info in one easy-to-find link by platforms and standard, beta and development releases either. When you go to other web sites you see a lot of release information and it’s hard to make good decisions. This shouldn’t be an issue and if anyone from Brave is reading this would be a “win” for you and relations with dumb end-users. We’re constantly reminded by our software vendors to update to the latest release in order to have new features, bug fixes and security patches applied yet the vendors don’t supply you with the information required to keep your software current.

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