Not getting any bat for seeing sponsored images

So i know its bad to complain about free “money” but i’ve seen like 10 sponsored images from bitpay and haven’t received any bats also there’s not bitpay in 7day ad history. I just wanna know if its just me. Using brave on win10.

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Me too, about 3 days ago. I have not receive Bat when see/click on image ads. Please help :sob:

Hello @rot123rot @raymond

here are some rule about the sponosr image

  1. max 4 per hour will be counted
  2. max 20 per day will be counted
  3. it should be from your catalog (check your catalog from here it show which add target your country)
  4. it should has the exact link as the one in your catalog so the link in the catalog should be the same in the sponosor image one as many there many campaign for the same advertiser

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Catalog says nordvpn but all sponsored images are bitpay. Dont have any vpns running atm.

sorry i forget to mention that sponsor image show up for all user even if it not from your catalog but the team said they that in future they will show only sponsor image that from your catalog
but i do not know when they will implement this one

Was working fine week or two ago.

could you send screen shoot of the sponsor image from your new tab page and another one for that ads that inside your catalog that show this image are from your catalog

same but im getting like .001 BAT from popups rarely

No body ,

I was getting great bat on linux machine like i made 0.30usd in like 6hours from browsing the web but after reinstalling brave something messed up.



do you know how many user use the reward system
let us get into that with example
if brave make 100 million per month from the ads ()which is not possible at least for now)
then user get 70 million and brave take 30 million
and according to that link there 30 million user per month

then those 30 million if we split that 70$ M by equal for simplicity then each user will get 2.3$ which about 2 BAT

i am sure brave does not make 100M per month so try to reduce those number and try to guess how much you will get

and brave does not force any one to turn his/her device to use the reward system simply you can turn off and keep enjoy the ads blocker that built in brave if you like

when you complain say you full details about your issue

last but not least the one who determine the bat value per ads are the advertiser not brave and also the bat price affect it

do you think the advertiser make ads to make user rich NOOOO they make ads to get more client for their service or product or whatever they sell

No need to be so much hyper ,

First I am pretty new at Brave , however once I joined brave community it is full with problems and however I was not knowing about rewards I taken first to stop ads of Google,

But once I on the ads for reward it was .01 the. .005 now .002 or .003 or 000.

I am not saying brave to pay even a single penny to anybody provided the claim of 70% should not be spread.

As far as your calculations are

Advertisement are decided as per click so brave might be charging to its ads client .

If number of brave user are increasing its good

But ads will be spread to more and more instead of reducing ads to per person Rewards has been reduced significantly.

As such I don’t have any problem either you increase or decrease .

I have now kept my ada off so no lure of rewards and no community connections.

I hope you understand @justsomeone1

I have removed my previous post mr. Someone , now get happy

first i am user same as you
and as you have the right to say you thoughts and ask what you like i have the right to comment on that
so you do not need to delete anything

but the money would split by more user so each one would get less BAT

you can say this has 2 sides they can not cost more for ads as it would make advertiser run away
and if it make user get more ads that mean bat per ads will be lower and if it decrease number of ads that could lead to lower amount of ads but BAT will be more

so you can say if you take something from some area you will add that part to other side of equation

You said 2 bat I was just reading, how people are complaining for 100 bats and 200 bat , it’s huge , how do they generate.

It’s nice mr. Someone.
bye leaving this community now. Bye…

i said for simplicity cause not all user will get the same some region has more advertiser than other

as you like bye

Mate this is nonsense because in my case I had brave in which one I had seen only NTP images from my catalog and I also see now NTP images from my region on android Brave. But I have the same problem like this user which sees only NTP images from other regions.

If it is true like you say than I had issue before because I was seeing only NTP images from my region and I have the same issue with my android version because I see only images from my region.

Dont get me wrong but that what you said is issue from Brave which one they dont want to or they dont know how to repair.

if you check those :point_up_2:

let me explain the nonsense that i said
in the old days NTP was not categorized by region so the image was for everyone
not sure when exactly they start to make region rule
then after that the region rule added so only the one from your catalog will be counted

then not only it should be from your country but also the ads link in your catalog should match the exact one from the NTP cause some advertiser has many product/service they offer some for certain countries and other for other countries

and in the future the team said they will change that so one the one from your catalog will be counted when ? idk

hope my nonsense has some sense now

Let say that is everything like you said.

Than explain me this than.

If you see NTP from other regions you dont get BAT and if you see NTP from your region you get BAT. In their marketing campaign they said: "Turn on Brave Rewards to earn frequent flier-like tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads. You can set the number of ads you see per hour. "

So if I dont see NTP from my region for month I will not get any BAT. So according to this situation they have lying potential customers and users. Am I right?

And also if it is like you said why then I see only NTP from my region on my mobile and on my business laptop?

for notification ads this issue not exist but i agree it exist for NTP and they has to fix it but as i said they already said they will change that in future

do you mean you get NTP from your region in mobile but your laptop does not ?