Not getting Ads properly


Is there any issue with Brave Ads ? Actually I am getting very few ads like 50-60 days in a months. lt month also I got less than 50 ads, even when settings are for 10 ads per hour.
please anybody guide me. Where I am getting wrong ?

Thank You

It could be your region has less ads altogether. Check active campaigns at

does anyone know if the UK (England) is meant to have less ads. Using brave on a debian linux based distro and getting nowhere near 10 ads an hour, set it back to 5, and doubt even getting anywhere near 5 an hour?! very odd…

@urbieredux You’re never guaranteed to get 10 per hour. That’s just the maximum you can be shown. It will fluctuate week by week based on how many ads there are that are targeting your OS and your activity. You can always check ad campaigns in your area at which will also tell you the maximum amount of times you can see each ad, how much it pays, which OS they are showing on, etc.

Often what happens is we max out on ads while the campaigns are active or they just aren’t targeting our devices.

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no worries, just been very low lately!

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