Not everyone can find referrals


As I can see it is not possible for a simple user to find referrals but only the publishers. Is foreseen that this feature be possible in the future? So, everyone who use the brave browser be able to find referrals.


cannot get you clearly
If you mean inviting your fans via your own link like publishers do then it is

need help getting around that ?

Yes. I want to invite my friends to use brave browser. I am a simple user and not a publisher. I don’t have a referral link or is not so?

Humans we are at the end of the day no one is cute enough :blush:
So visit
Create an account
log in
scroll to the bottom of the page and verify a channel it can be your twitter account youtube twich and more
wait a while you should have your link emailed and also available from the publisher’s page

Uphold –
after you are done with the above visit creators page and link uphold (you will need to create one using the same email as publishers page and verify it i.e kyc)
Thats all you need
anything i couldn’t communicate

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Thank a lot @openbot. The problem is that I have linked already my uphold (I have a verified uphold account) with my account. It is problem if everything is made from the end of your message? So after creating the linked uphold account create the account at publishers page (with the same email)? As I can see the only thing that connect the two steps is the same email address…

same email is not mandatory but recommend

it will work too
sign up a publishers account
Verify a channel
Connect existing uphold account

@openbotConnect existing uphold account

But I don’t know how to connect. Which is the procedure?

the publishers page has a connect uphold button look for it click it and login


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Thank you again @openbot. I had created my account but cannot enter on it. Will create another post at the appropriate topic.

Thank you again!

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