NOT able to reconnect uphold to Brave Creator

Hello Team,

Few days back I received a mail from Uphold for changing my password. I changed my uphold password on the same day.

Today I login my brave creator account and one error was reflecting there for “unlink and re link my uphold account as I changed my password recently.”

I removed my uphold account and tried reconnect the same uphold account but getting the error. Attaching the error snapshot.

Please help me.

@steeven you help needed here .

In uphold app Brave is showing connected and received mail from Uphold for successful linking.

But in Brave Creator account uphold is showing disconnected.

same problem for long time no one fix that

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Same problem. It’s been 2 months with this problem but no solution. I think brave is dying and soon it will be lost many users

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Hi @aanandmissra thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Could you kindly send me a DM of the email associated with your Creators account.


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Email id shared in DM. Please check.

Thanks for your revert. @SaltyBanana

Hello All,

My issue is now resolved. Thank you so much @SaltyBanana

Thanks brave team.

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@aanandmissra Awesome. Do a favor and mark a solution on this so it’s known to be fixed. You’ll see the Solution box on bottom of any post/comment here, next to the :heart: and all.

also sent dm. thanks.

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