No volume on BBC Radio tabs

I’ve scoured the Brave community posts and have tried every recommendation even remotely related to this issue. In addition to no volume, after I hit play, the wheel spins, and spins, and spins…, and nothing happens; when I hit pause the wheel keeps spinning, and spinning, and spinning, but nothing happens.

It only happens on my Android (version 12) phone, a Samsung Galaxy AO2s; model number SM-AO25V, Hardware version REV1.0. I’ve: turned Brave shield off, refreshed, cleared the cache and cookies, toggled/RESET volume on on/off in site settings, tried it incognito, closed and opened the browser et al. The site works on the Chrome browser on my phone. I’ve checked the BBC troubleshooting website and have done all the relevant recommendations there. YouTube and other apps with audio output works fine. Volume works on Brave on my phone on all other sites, tabs, etc… I’ve done several other things I can’t recall at the moment. And still, the wheel spins and spins and spins and nothing happens.

Resetted Site Settings ?

Which site? BBC radio’s, Brave’s; both?

BBC Site settings… You can find it on settings page.

Yes. I’ve done it twice.

uninstall and Reinstalled browser aswell ? Maybe you are using vpn or Network isnt strong as you are saying Wheel keeps spinning,… Also Make sure to check the volume of the player.

Also check out their Apps and see if the issue is Persistent on the app aswell

Won’t a reinstall delete all my tabs? I’ve spent a lot of time getting that all organized just the way I like. Plus, no other radio sites I use (Australia Broadcasting, Canadian National, New Zealand National, Sports stations, etc…) have this glitch.

I’m not using a VPN.

What network?

The player doesn’t have a volume. It uses my phone volume. Works fine on everything else I do on my phone.

If the BBC Radio volume works on my Chrome Browser App on this phone, trouble shooting by using the apps you recommended would be an unnecessary step, right?

I seriously doubt it’s a BBC or phone issue, and quite certain it’s a Brave Browser issue.

Its also Possible BBC May be Experimenting to Prevent their Contents from being Played on Brave Browser. You will need to wait for Shields team to help you with this issue. Do Not Let this issue destroy your time and productivity, Brave team will Eventually fix it if this indeed seems to End up being a Brave Browser issue and Many People Starts Reporting about this issue

For the Current time being, Until you Receive a fix, Use chrome for BBC instead.

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Ha! I suspected as much. Thank you so much. I’ll take your advice and wait for the Shields Team and use Evil Chrome. Go Team Go! Thanks again.

I’m afraid I’m might to have to eat a little poo.

I’m now having the exact same issue with the player on Apple Podcast’s site, and similar, but slightly different, issues with the players on: ABC (Australian) Radio’s, Alpha Media’s, and CBC Radio’s. Oddly, New Zealand Radio’s player, which has always been touchy, is playing fine.

So, which step above should I back up to to start my troubleshooting efforts anew?

Install other versions of Brave and see if the issue still Exists there

If the issue doesn’t Exist, You might have to uninstall and Reinstall Brave.

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So this is not an update of my existing version, but a new install?

Yes, There are different versions of brave you can find in “More by Brave Software Inc.”

Try this one, It will have More Recent updates

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Ty so much scavxo.

I’ve one more final (I hope) question. I’ve searched and searched for some way to transfer my tabs folders and tabs from Brave Browser to Chrome Browser on my phone/the same phone, and vice versa, and it has yielded no solution.

Do you and/or someone else here know how to do that? Come to think of it, is there a way to do it from an older version of Brave to a newer/the newest version of Brave,? That’d be ideal!

Possible Only on Desktop PC.

Ty. That corroborates my experience. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Any chance that might change in the future?