No subdomain wildcard option for brave://settings/content/autoplay makes browsing Bandcamp a poor experience

There is no true subdomain wildcard option for under brave://settings/content/autoplay .
It makes browsing sites like Bandcamp a very poor experience, where each artist has their own subdomain, requiring adding a new entry in Brave’s content settings for each artist.
The “Add a site” field insinuates it should wildcard all subdomains for the domain entered, but it simply doesn’t. Maybe that only applies to common subdomains like www and nowww?
Without a gui based option to “include all subdomains” under content settings for a domain, a power user should at least be able to include asterisks as a wildcard to include all subdomains of a specific domain.
This would also be very useful for web based administrative portals like Salesforce that have the user bouncing around all sorts of subdomains within the same app.

Did you try literal string [*.] similar to the placeholder text?

Tested with another site and the pattern seems to do the job as shown.

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[*.] does indeed work.
When trying that, I accidentally typed [*] (not accepted as input) rather than [*.] I also tried, which was allowed. It was a wild guess, but does not function as a wildcard. That’s what prompted me to raise the issue.

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