How does Brave treat subdomains?


How does Brave treat subdomains? Our nonprofit ( has several heavily trafficked subdomains. Do we need to do anything fancy to get those to be recognized, or will Brave recognize all of them as the same property?


Hi Quincy,

I believe you might be in contact with someone from our business development team about this, but I’ll respond here as well for everyone else who may have the same question.

Subdomains are currently not support by Brave Payments (, though it is a long term goal. You can track the progress of this issue here.




Do you happen to know what it means exactly that subdomains are not supported? Should I create a separate channel (i.e., a separate website entry) for each one? And so, they’re supported in that sense? E.g., I have these domains:


etc. How should I configure the publisher dashboard for these?


Hi @dogweather,

They are not supported in the sense that you can only verify a top level domain. If you verify, then the contributions to,, etc will all flow to you. So you would only need to create one channel.

Does that answer your question?


Absolutely! They’re “supported” as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile: And after verifying, I’m seeing exactly what you describe. Thanks!

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