No Reply to and No Reply to Private message

This topic has already been posted by @Rasmoat

I can not reply in that post because the topics about suspensions are closed

I have no response in DM when I send my email to @steeven. And I have no answer in, just an automatic email asking something that I already answered

  • 1. I just wanted to know how long should I wait to find out what will happen with my suspension?
    But I see that there are people with similar problems for 2 months, 3 months or even half a year.
    That is why I have created this publication, for new users with the same problems.

  • 2. My barve rewards account got suspended after connecting multiple Brave installations on different operating systems, with my huphold account. And after some will automatically contribute BATs to my brave rewards linked accounts.
    I think that was the problem, but I am not sure because I have not received support responses.

  • 3. Hope everyone can solve your problems soon. But if not, I hope you at least receive an answer that clarifies your doubts.

I apologize if it is annoying to repeat the same topic of discussion. But as I said, it cannot be reply in the suspension issues because they are closed. Thanks to all for reading me.


I have the same problem.

Hi guys, I’m not part of the Brave staff. You were right to send a message to, but please do not expect a quick response as there are probably more people who have passed for the same and have contacted them. The only thing I have left is to wish you both good luck! :slight_smile:

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@Zowrer, we don’t discuss suspensions on Community. @Rasmoat received a reply to their email.