NO puedo compratir mi pantalla en google meet

No puedo compartir mi pantalla en reuniones de google meet, cada vez que presiono el boton para poder compartir pantalla el boton solo se pone color plomo y se deshabilita.

ya intente muchos modos para poder solucionarlo, ya permiti la reproduccion automatica para google meet, vi que estaba activada la funcion de hangouts y nada funciona, solo queda volver al reproductor anterior lamentablemente.

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@HRsquanch ,


I can’t share my screen in google meet meetings, every time I press the button to be able to share the screen the button just turns lead color and is disabled.

I have already tried many ways to solve it, I have already enabled the automatic playback for google meet, I saw that the hangouts function was enabled and nothing works, I can only go back to the previous player unfortunately


My suggestion:

β€œGoogle Meet and other Zoom does not work with Brave - #2 by 289wk”


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