Google Meet no carga los enlaces de reuniones

Al momento de abrir google meet y entrar a un enlace de sala, no me salen los botones de “unirse” o “solicitar unirse”, y se queda en esa pantalla sin hacer nada, no carga tampoco los botones para activar/desactivar pantalla y micrófono, mucho menos carga la vista previa de la cámara, por favor necesito su ayuda

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TITLE: Google meet does not load meeting links


When I open Google Meet and enter a room link, I do not get the “join” or “request to join” buttons, and it stays on that screen without doing anything.

It does not load the buttons to enable/disable screen and microphone either, much less load the camera preview.

Please I need your help.

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thanks, now i need someone to help me with this problem as soon as possible

Do you have the Google Hangouts option enabled in Settings --> Extensions?

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