No payout and no reason behind it

Hello all, I use brave on 5 different devices (work and home use) on which I have accumulated approximately 40 BAT last month, on my work computers I must use VPN to complete certain tasks that require connection to other servers. For my payout wallet I use uphold, and I’ve gotten the notification that all payouts for this last month have been completed yet I haven’t received mine. What can I do?

My devices are as follow:
3 Windows 10 PC (all have latest Brave update: v1.67.123)
2 Android samsung devices (both have the latest Brave update for android Brave 1.67.123, Chromium 126.0.6478.126)

My region is in Peru, which is supported and my VPN usage is usually USA, United Kingdom (depending on what servers I have to connect for my job).

Did you submit a ticket already? Thanks

No, I haven’t. Where can I send the ticket?

Please submit your issue here and we will take a look.

Thank you

Thank you for all the help Evan, I sent the ticket. I hope to receive an answer to my issue

Hi Evan, I submitted my ticket 4 days ago and I haven’t received any notification about whats happening

Looks like you already received a response. Thank you.