No reward in months


I haven’t been receiving rewards for a few months now. Please assist.


Hey @Elip ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Please fill out the template and provide as much information as possible about your issue! Posting one sentence stating you are not getting rewards is not enough :smiley:

What is your Brave version!
What is your OS and device?
Do you have a VPN?

Any additional information that you think is useful please add.

Thank you!


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What is your Brave version! Version 1.26.77 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit)

What is your OS and device? Win 10 Pro

Do you have a VPN? No

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Bumping this thread. What other questions do you have to get this resolved? Thanks.

@GreenBananaPorridge Questions have been answered. Please assist.

Still waiting for assistance on this thread. Thank you.

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Same thing happened with me. I posted that I wasn’t receiving my rewards, they asked me some questions, I answered, and then I never heard back

Been open long enough. Where are we at on getting me my rewards? Last month would of been great.

I’m having the same issues. The lack of support from Brave is maddening.

Lovely. It’s been 7 months since the last payout.

Another month, another no payout. Please assist.

Anyone able to assist with this issue?

Is your wallet verified? If yes, do you think you might have exceeded 4 device limits on Uphold? Are you getting ads and being rewarded BATs for them? You can share your rewards panel from brave://rewards/

Have you used VPN in the past? When did you last received your payout? Are you on the latest Brave version?

Yes the wallet is verified.
I only have two devices that are connected to uphold.
Yes I am getting adds all the time and do claim the rewards. Rewards don’t show up in my uphold account and uphold suggested I reach out to Brave support.
No VPN as far as I’m aware.
Last payout was 8 months ago. I’ve been using the browser, getting ads, and claiming rewards since then. There’s a payout log from Brave.
Yes latest version of Brave.

What do you mean by this? As claim button does not appear on verified wallets.

Can you share your rewards panel from brave://rewards/

What is your next payment date? Has it been ahead like 2-3 months instead of just next month? Did you see something like this at the start of this month (xx BAT arriving in y days)-

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