No payments and no ads

Why didn’t Brave done my payment yet and why am I not seeing any more ads?
The only payment i received was in April. I’m using MacOS. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Please update brave and go to pc setting search option type %appdata% go to local brave browser than default and ads option click clear clicks new ads come


first of all, thank you for responding! :slight_smile:
i updated today the brave browser but everything stills the same, i tried to do your second advice relative to typing %appdata% but it didn’t appear nothing relative to brave. unfortunately i still with the same problem

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Please provide the information that was requested in the template that appeared when you started this thread, the template that you obviously deleted. Also, read this thread to see whether it addresses your issue:


english is not my first language as you may imagine and because of that i have some difficult understanding, i was hopping for a simple answer that’s why i opened a topic, but thank you, now i know that it’s a issue that are affecting others and brave are trying to repair that.

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