No option called new tab page in settings

I’m running brave on android 5.1.1 and browser looks older compare to the screenshots in the playstore. is there different version of brave for newer android version ??

Hey Tjay25,

What version of Brave are you using? The current version on Android is 1.24.85.

android 1.24.85 . may be there are two versions for newer android version. thank you anyway

Hi @TJay25 Welcome to Community!
Can you send us a screenshot of what you see in your Brave? A screenshot of settings, a new tab, and anywhere else would be helpful.

Hi @TJay25,
Can you go to the bottom of Settings, click About Brave and send us a screenshot?

about page screenshot…

Hi @TJay25,
Thank for sending the pic. I’ve just spoken with the team. New tab page images aren’t available on older devices due to memory problems.