No longer receive brave ads

after 8/11 I no longer receive brave ads anh reward


Me since August: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?
Brave team is aware but obviously unable to fix. This project is on its way down.

No rewards for me since August either. To be clear, ads are a nuisance and they only seem to pop up when I am trying to get something important done. But I click and view because of the BAT incentive. I have joined several things that were advertised. There doesn’t seem to be a way to contact Brave directly on the issue. I figure, go through November and if no BAT credits are received, I’m turning ads off.

I haven’t received BAT since 6/11

Hi all, I was having this problem too for over a month. The browser stopped showing me ads, then last week I turned on notifications in the Windows settings and have had nearly 2 BAT in 5 days. You can switch notifications off for everything else and only allow Brave if you want. I hope this helps.

There is even a test page for notifications:

And of course the test notifications are working but ads are not showing.

hey bro how do you enable notifications in the window settings?

Go to settings, system, notifications then switch them on :slight_smile:

same here ads recieved but not count

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