No keyboard shortcut for Tor tab in Ubuntu


Hi, this is my first post here in the community, and while I’ve absolutely loved using Brave as my default browser in every platform (android, ubuntu, windows), I have one issue: a few weeks ago an update for windows added Ctrl+Alt+N as a shortcut for the Tor tab which i was happy to see, in ubuntu that still hasn’t been added…even though i’ve run the terminal commands for ‘update’ and ‘upgrade’ about three times throughout these past few weeks (updated to latest version just now and still no shortcut which is why i joined the community and posted this thread).

P.S. When will Tor integration be added to the android app?


Hi @arberbehluli0,

AFAIK, it should work for Ubuntu too with Ctrl + Alt + N.
cc @sriram @LaurenWags


I’m running Kubuntu 16.04 LTS with Plasma 5.8.9 currently and the shortcut doesn’t work.!
The attachment shows how the menu looks in my laptop. There is no shortcut by the text as is for the regular private tab.


Unfortunately, there is an obscure bug in the logic that implements and displays menu items for keyboard shortcuts to that it doesn’t work on the Linux build. This is silly and we ought to fix it at the source, but realistically that is unlikely to happen until the next major version of Brave which we’re working on now and which changes a lot of the system.


Understood, I look forward to future updates. Thank you Taylor for the quick response.

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