No instala BraveBrowserSet

No instala BraveBrowserSet, ni 64 ni 32. Ya lo agregue a la lista blanca, sin embargo, tampoco instala. Cómo lo soluciono? Gracias

What is your Operating System? And what happens when you try to install Brave?

yes. I can’t install the browser… again, what is the problem (windows 7 10)dffg

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Windows 10. La ejecutar el instalador, lanza error y que no conecta al internet. Cómo le pasa a “Vita”, que comento está publicación. Qué hago para arreglar

@Nazhi @vitas,
Can you both try downloading the offline installer from here ?

  • BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup32.exe is for Windows 32-bit, and
  • BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe for 64-bit.
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