No brave rewards on 2 devices

Hey, I haven’t received my brave rewards for the month of July. I received on my other 3 browser installations, but not able to see any claim button nor a amount added to balance. I haven’t received it in 2 browsers. One is a dual brave Browser App on my phone and the other is on my windows laptop, it was showing
2-3 days back that your rewards will arrive soon, keep an eye out. But haven’t received them even by today and what’s more concerning is that the payout update says payments are complete for all the 3 categories, but still haven’t got a claim option in the 2 browser, hoping it gets sorted out, the 2 browsers are unverified, I’m not using VPN too.

same problam with me

Would you mind submitting your issues here:

Thank you

Okay, thanks so much!

i am facing the same problem on andriod . i wrote to brave help center they said “your wallet has been flagged” . i didnt do anything wrong but they flagged my account .


@Evan123 please look into this

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