No Brave Ads in Brave Beta in UK - "Brave is Not Currently Supported in Your Region"

I am in the UK where I understand Brave Ads should now be available in Brave Beta. However, it is saying that they are not available in my region?! Anyone know what the problem is?

@Mattches @eljuno please I find this to be a genuine complain and please look into it if the claims are accurate.

Ads should be working for you – although we do have a number of users who are currently not seeing ads displayed. Hard to tell if this is the same issue – have you not seen any ads at all? My initial thought was that it may actually be related to this issue:

Can you also provide your OS and Brave version please?

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I have the same issue on both my Windows 10 desktop PC, and my Mac (Mojave) both running 0.63.40

I have not yet seen any ads on either machine. In preferences, it just says “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.” on both. I’m sure that the Windows machine didn’t have this message yesterday briefly, but now it does.

Could it be down to using a VPN, and connecting to a server in mainland Europe? It’s not connected now, but it has been sporadically over the last few days. I’ve tried restarting the machine and reinstalling Brave Beta but nothing seems to help.

Which VPN are you using? Also, you’re certain that the browser is not connected through the VPN connection?

I use IP Vanish, but I have closed it down since discovering this issue. Brave Beta is definitely not connecting through it - it is not running at the moment on either machine.

Would you mind trying the steps shown here? We’re trying to diagnose the root cause of the issue and this information can be very helpful:

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Hi @straddle that panel is actually determined by locale as well, and we are looking at some related issues now. Do you know if your locale settings for OS or browser are at all unusual?

The locale system settings are all set to the UK. I’m not sure how to set the browser locale, but I can only assume it has defaulted to the UK as well.

Sorry for the delay, but from your other thread, looks like this part is at least fixed right?