Ads are not working for my region, even though in USA

Hey hope you all are having a great day. I am in Portland, Oregon, USA and just started using Brave. I am so excited to get to use it thanks for making such a creative web browser! I went to switch on my rewards and got a notification that says “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region” this seems funny as I am living in the US. Can I do anything to fix this problem? Have a great day

Are you using a vpn if no try this opening this address on your brave browser. Please send a screenshot of result. Or. FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

@ElliottKoivisto also, which Brave version and OS that you use?


Also, can you tell us about your OS locale/language settings?

hello, so I am not using a vpn. I discovered that my computer said I was in the region of Greece for some reason though. I changed this in settings back to united states.59%20PM Here is a screen shot that you asked for

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