No Brave rewards for months. 'Flagged' and won't connect to Gemini wallet

You lead people to believe that if they get ‘flagged’ (for no apparent reason.) they will get reinstated at some (totally random) point - and that there isn’t anything they can really do about it until the ‘reset’ happens. I haven’t gotten any ads, and subsequently ZERO rewards, in like 3 months. I certainly can’t recommend Brave Browser to anyone else.
I will also tell you that REAL customer service and/or ‘support’ is NOT referring someone to an FAQ page or a community board when you don’t ever ‘reset’ the accounts as you say you will. Follow through, people. Follow through.


This forum has limited abilities to rectify such events

EDIT : removed misinformation.

Just a FYI, that’s the wrong answer in this aspect. is for Creators only.

If you have issues with Brave Rewards, such as User account being flagged, you need to create a Support Ticket. You do this at

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Definitely, good luck on that ticket.

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