No ad payout for 2nd straight month

I am having this same issue. Received no rewards payout for March 5th or April 5th. I have tried reaching out to support via email at multiple times over the last few weeks, and have not received any reply.

Has anybody had any luck with getting this issue resolved, or getting in touch with someone at Brave support?

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Hi all - If you have still not received your Ads payment can you DM me your Rewards Internal info? It can be found here - brave://rewards-internals/.

Thanks in advance!!


Dear Brave,

Please post a sticky here in the Community Forum and/or on the Brave Browser website that explains the current glitches/problems in the Brave Rewards program.

It is frustrating for myself and many others that the Rewards program is full of problems that seem to have no clear answers or explanations here in the forum based on my posts/others’ posts and the obtuse/unclear answers to these questions regarding the Brave Rewards program.

Hi @treego14 - thanks a bunch for the feedback. There is not currently a known Ads bug for this payout, the payments take a few days to make, some accounts are fraudulent and misleading, and there are a number of other issues that lead to confusion. We can definitely do a better job to educate around these themes.

Have you received your Ads payout @treego14?

I did not receive my ads payout this first week of April … I sent
you a direct message about it yesterday, already. Thank you.

Hi @treego14 - can you DM me your Rewards Internal info?

I did a few days ago.

Thanks @treego14 - reviewing now.

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me too I haven’t received ad payout for this month all i need is clear explination to way i didn’t i sent you my Rewards Internal info thanks

Hi I couldnt take my adv reward too. I cant see “claim button”.

Glad your payment got settled @treego14. Thanks for sending @ayman1001, will pass along to the team to see what might be going on.

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thanks for your reply

@steeven i didnt get payment for april 5 can you do something about it thanks in advance…

İt is april 10 but I cant see “claim button” for adv reward

hello good night friend I request your help I have not received the payment of the announcements in this week of April I appreciate the help

Hello bud I have dm’ed you my details if you could check thanks

Yepp, same here. April payout was not credited.

Is there anyone on this thread that has still not received any payout that was due on April 5th? I have been in contact over the past few weeks and to this point they still have not managed to get me the March AD earnings or explain what happened.

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Hi @JamSand5 , I have not received my March payment yet and my case is still under review. I hope that the support people will give me a positive answer soon.

Hi @JamSand5, I didn’t get mine either. I’ve been in touch with dm support, but I still don’t have an answer.