Nigeria brave rewards withdrawal

How to withdraw from brave rewards for Nigeria

You can’t withdraw since Nigeria isn’t a supported region to connect to Uphold nor Gemini. You’ll have to wait till support is restored or a new partner supports your region.

If Nigeria is not supported then I am calling on all Nigerians should all uninstall brave from their phones and PC until brave solves this our concern as a whole Nigeria is not supported
This is too bad :disappointed:

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@elrufaee You’re going after wrong place. It’s not Brave stopping you but is the custodial partners and your own government. Check out reply I made to someone else, which I am linking below:

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brave doesnt give a crap about people living on 3rd world countries on their mindset we will just use their apps to earn money and not promote scam NFT games they promote through brave ads

But they use their money to fill their hungry stomach

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