Brave reward for Nigerians

I want to know why is Brave reward not allow for Nigerians. I have a Gemini account, i can"t link it cause it keep saying your country is not supported. What’s the use of having the rewards then? Why are we not allowed. Each month i have BAT wasting away just like that.

You can earn BATs till your region becomes supported. Also, Gemini is now only allowed in the USA for new Brave rewards profiles. If you had Gemini connected priorly connected, you should still be able to connect. New rewards profiles still can’t connect if not from the US.
You can keep claiming BAT till Nigeria becomes supported. I will suggest that you keep checking

If Nigeria gets added back. You can also create an UPhold account if Uphold supports Nigeria in the future and Gemini doesn’t. Hope is that most workable regions will be supported by the end of the year.

Already have an uphold account. Hope Nigeria gets added soon

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