New version: Youtube fingerprints me immediately



I have both old and new versions of Brave installed. If I use the old version on youtube, it usually takes them a long time before the “creepy” suggestions start popping up, obviously based on tracking the types of videos I watch. I’m happy with that, I have learnt ways to mitigate this when I see it occurring. To my horror, if I access youtube using the new version, I am fingerprinted on the opening page. It’s scary - I have also tested by accessing through multiple VPNs from multiple countries. Same result. My configs in brave and my network stack are almost at paranoid point, with much of the Internet unusable (blocked off all goog and fb servers, including associated companies, captcha, servers registered under different names, everything). Config for the new version was imported from the old version.

Even more creepy: I can access youtube from both browsers on the same machine at the same time, and get this same result. New version allows them to track me immediately. While the old version just keeps on rockin.

Why would this be?


What does fingerprinting mean, because i have a weird issue with youtube myself.

I use an AHK script on my mouse to close tabs, and it was always kind of laggy, like 1-2sec delay (on Chrome and now im on Brave, it happens there too). Recently, was not logged in and closing the tabs via the script went super fast, logged in again, slow, logged out, fast.


Fingerprinting means that they basically “know” your browser.

  If I  go to (I don't have an account) with the older

version of the browser, the videos on the front page are basically
generic for the country that I am in.

  If I use the new browser, the videos shown are obviously curated

based upon previous videos that I have watched in the past.

  When I had both browsers, on the same desktop, pointing to

youtube, I got the same two different results for each browser.
Both were configured equally.

  I immediately shut down the new browser (should have taken a

screen shot) and I now avoid the new version.

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